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Monuments and sightseeings in Senlis

Cathedral of Notre-Dame 49.20699576877749 2.585484899999983 Cathedral of Notre-Dame
place Notre-Dame 60300 Senlis
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Park of the royal palace 49.2070701 2.5852006000000074 Park of the royal palace
Place du Parvis Notre Dame 60300 SENLIS
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Priory of Saint Maurice 49.20709163281671 2.5840595780487092 Priory of Saint Maurice
Impasse Baumé 60300 SENLIS
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Gallo-roman arenas 49.205858 2.57769200000007 Gallo-roman arenas
Place des Arènes 60300 Senlis
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Gallo-roman wall 49.20790948393195 2.5851863240814055 Gallo-roman wall
Rue du Chat Haret 60300 senlis
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St Vincent abbey 49.20340119999999 2.5889032000000043 St Vincent abbey
30 rue de Meaux 60300 Senlis
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Medieval walls 49.20242021230792 2.5863428126891677 Medieval walls
Rempart Bellevue 60300 senlis
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Saint Frambourg Chapel 49.20613030957398 2.5860433902130353 Saint Frambourg Chapel
7 place Saint Frambourg 60300 Senlis
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Ecological park 49.211741 2.5987010000000055 Ecological park
Rue Notre Dame de Bonsecours 60300 Senlis
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Park of the château of Valgenceuse 49.2006921 2.601159300000063 Park of the château of Valgenceuse
18 route de Nanteuil 60300 Senlis
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Abbey of la Victoire 49.192594 2.615876000000071 Abbey of la Victoire
Abbaye de la Victoire 60300 Senlis
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Saint Pierre Church 49.20622771212877 2.587632280456546 Saint Pierre Church
place André Malraux 60300 Senlis
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