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Connections by bus

All timetables of the connections by bus with Senlis to download here. 

Connections by bus between Senlis and the main train stations :

COVID 19 - Please note timetable change

- Chantilly-Gouvieux  : Bus n°15 of Keolis

Horaires de bus Senlis-Chantilly (pdf - 591.56 ko)

- Orry-la-ville-Coye : Bus n°13 of Keolis.

Horaires de bus Senlis-Orry la Ville (pdf - 757.21 ko)

- Compiègne : Bus n°10C of Keolis

Horaires de bus Senlis-Compiègne 10C (pdf - 303.61 ko)

- Compiègne (direct) : Bus n°10E of Keolis

Horaires de bus Senlis-Compiègne 10E

- Creil : Bus n°07 of Keolis

Horaires de bus Senlis-Creil (pdf - 597.56 ko)

- Crépy-en-Valois : Bus n°62 of Keolis

Horaires de bus Senlis-Crépy en Valois (pdf - 325.14 ko)

- Le Plessis-Belleville : Bus n°20 of Keolis

Horaires de bus Senlis/Lagny-le-Sec (pdf - 511.20 ko)

- Verberie : Bus n°10A of Keolis

Horaires de bus Senlis-Verberie (pdf - 315.09 ko)

- Raray : Bus n°10 B of Keolis

Horaires de bus Senlis-Raray (pdf - 473.69 ko)

- Picardie-Roissy (bus n°40) from RER station in Charles de Gaulle Roissypôle airport to Senlis and Creil.

From 25th november 2019 :

40-ligne-creil-senlis-roissy-a-partir-du-25-11-2019(1) (pdf - 466.83 ko)

All bus timetables and fare information are also available on .

To get around in Senlis, there is a free bus, the "TUS" (Transport urbain senlisien), which runs from monday to saturday in the different districts in the town.

Download below the timetable  or on the website of the town :  :

Coronavirus Info: Temporary TUS

From May 11, 2020 :

     maintenance of the TUS 1 route to the Villevert shopping center in order to facilitate access via a larger vehicle

    maintenance of TUS 4 as during lockdown (although not very frequented)

    resumption of activity of part of the TUS 3 allowing workers to return to their workplaces

    resumption of activity of certain TUS 5 races from Monday to Friday at school entrances and exits

 Instructions in the TUS

     condemnation of 1 seat out of 2 and respect for social distancing of 1 meter

    maximum reception of 8 people in minibuses

    maximum reception of 27 people on buses

    wearing a mandatory mask for all users

 All drivers will be provided with a gel, mask, wipe and disinfectant kit and all vehicles will continue to be disinfected daily with great care.

 The TUS is a free public service for its users, The city of Senlis and Transdev rely on civic-mindedness in order to prevent drivers from being confronted with non-compliance with the rules, in particular the wearing of a compulsory mask for all users on board vehicles as well as the maximum capacity in vehicles, greatly reduced.

Times :

Ville de Senlis - TUS Fiches horaires au 11 mai 2020 (pdf - 453.39 ko)

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