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Guided tour (in French) of the arena and the Gallo-Roman heritage

From april to october, 1st sunday of the month at 3pm

From april to october, the first sunday of the month at 3pm

Our guide-lecturers invite visitors to discover the Gallo-Roman arenas of the first century, which are usually closed to the public. The semi-excavated arenas of Senlis constitute a unique site in Picardy.

Built in the 1st century AD, around 8,000 spectators were able to take part in gladiator fights with wild beasts (belluaries), fighting animals (venationes) or hunting.

At the beginning of the fifth century, the edict of Honorius forbade gladiature; The battles then give way to concerts, plays and pantomimes.

Abandoned in the 6th century, the arenas served by turns of career, discharge, then they were overburdened and forgotten until their discovery in 1865 by Félix Vernois, founding member of the Society of History and Archeology Of Senlis.

The guided tour continues in the city with the Gallo-Roman wall of the 3rd century, built to protect the city against invasions and the major part of which still exists.

Then a visit to the Museum of Art and Archeology: the remains of a second-century settlement and the base of the 3rd century rampart, as well as the collections of Gallo-Roman archeology (bronze base, dedicated to the emperor Claude Ist century, remarkable exhibition of ex-voto of the temple of the forest of Halatte).

Practical information :

Reservation required (limited number of places):

Tickets and departures at 3 pm from the Tourist Office

Rates: 9 euros per person

         7 euros for the + 60 years and the - 16 years.

Les arènes semi-excavées de Senlis (Ier siècle) constituent un site unique en Picardie, et pouvaient contenir environ 8 000 spectateurs.

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