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The museums of Senlis

© Musées de Senlis

Located in the historical heart of Senlis, three museums, labelled « Museum of France », with large and original collections, present the archaeology, architecture, history and local traditions of the royal city and its surroundings : paintings and Gallo-Roman vestiges at the museum of Art and Archaeology, military traditions at the Spahi museum and the art of hunting at the Hunting museum.


The Museum of Art and Archeology

The Museum of Art and Archeology, offers a new museography...

The Hunting museum

The Hunting Museum is located in the park of the royal palace, in the former priory Saint-Maurice, built in the 18th century.

The Spahis museum

The cobble-stones of the old streets of Senlis still ring with the sound of the hooves of the chargers of the Spahis, who were garrisoned here.


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