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Séraphine Louis, said to be « of Senlis ».

Plaque sur la maison où a vécu Séraphine

The film « Seraphine », with 7 Caesars, came out in France on 1st October 2008 and brilliantly interpreted by Yolande Moreau and Ulrich Tukur. Film-lovers have discovered an original and attaching artist-painter with a « naive » painting style.

At the same time, this film has aroused the desire of spectators to come and have a walk in Senlis, where a lot of scenes of the film were shot.

Who was Seraphine Louis?

(1864-1942): Born in Arsy, in the Oise, farmwoman, then a cleaner for the sisters Saint Joseph up to 1902. In 1906, she moved to Senlis occupying a house, in the street of the Puits Tiphaine. In 1908-1910, she started to paint, at the gouache, then at the ripolin on objects and furniture. In 1912, Wilhelm Uhde discovered the talented cleaning lady and her relatives. Financially helped, in 1927 she exhibited three large size paintings which were successfully received by the public. She then began to devote herself full time to painting. In 1930, she started to multiply expenses and became eccentric. In 1934, she was interned at the psychiatric hospital of Clermont (Oise), where she died in 1942.

We have put information at the disposition of the visitors, a plan of Senlis where the film took place that you can upload below :

Martin Provost et Yolande Moreau sur le tournage du film "Séraphine" - © Mairie de Senlis

Lieux de tournage du film de Séraphine (pdf - 1.57 Mo)

Her paintings are exhibited in the Art and Archeology museum of Senlis.

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