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History and heritage

La cathédrale Notre-Dame domine la ville entourée de l’ancienne Église Saint-Pierre, les vestiges du Château Royal et de la Chapelle Saint-Frambourg. © Neuf&9

Come and discover all the riches of the ancient city of Sulbanectes occupied by and named Augustomagus by the Romans...

Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Façade sud de la Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Senlis

Marked by four centuries of transformations, the cathedral of Notre-Dame is a prime example of the evolution of the gothic style.

Park of the royal palace

Vestiges du Château Royal adossés à la muraille Gallo-Romaine

Hugues was elected king there in 987...

Gallo-Roman wall and arenas

Discover the remains of Augustomagus : The arenas of 1st century and the wall of 3rd century.

Saint-Vincent abbey and medieval walls

The district of Saint-Vincent invites you to stroll : the abbey, the medieval walls and the river "La Nonette"... 

Jardin du Bastion de la Porte de Meaux

Un nouveau jardin ouvert au public qui invite à la promenade et à la détente.

Saint-Frambourg Chapel and Saint-Pierre Church

For several centuries, eight parishes, so eight priests have shared the town of Senlis...Saint Frambourg Chapel and Saint Pierre Church are the most remarkable witnesses.

The medieval streets and the private mansions

In 17th and 18th centuries, the city officials had built remarkable private mansions behind a monumental gate.

Nature stroll - the ecological park

With respect to nature, the ecological park offers a pleasant walk around ornamental lakes, where it is possible to appreciate the diversity of fauna and flora.

The park of the chateau of Valgenceuse and the abbey of la Victoire

Two exceptional private sites to discover at the exit of Senlis, in direction of Ermenonville : The Valgenceuse park and the Victoire abbey

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