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Discover Senlis

Senlis vue du ciel: Au premier plan l'ancienne abbaye de Saint Vincent et le rempart médiéval.Au centre de gauche à droite: la chapelle Saint Frambourg, la cathédrale Notre-Dame façade sud,et l'église Saint Pierre avec sa tour.

Senlis, 2000 years of Architecture and History, is at the heart of Natural Regional Park of History in the Oise. Senlis presents in the heart of the forests an exceptional architectural and cultural heritage. Its 40 ha preserved area is especially valued by film-directors.

Discover the area around Senlis

The "Pays d'Art et d'Histoire" of Senlis to Ermenonville and the Community of Communes "Senlis Sud-Oise", formed around Senlis, over and above serious economic assets in the tertiary sector and high-tech agriculture, has an amazing heritage, with remarkable ecological sites.

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